Astro’s Playroom: Kreative Controller-Tricks im Gameplay-Trailer

Pünktlich zum Embargo-Fall stellt Sony auch selbst den Spielablauf des kreativen 3D-Plattformers Astro’s Playroom näher vor. Das PS5-exklusive Spiel liegt der neuen Konsole bei und macht intensiv von den Besonderheiten des DualSense-Controllers Gebrauch. Zu unserem Test geht es übrigens hier.

“Key Features

– Feel the World – Take control of Astro and feel the world through your DualSense wireless controller. Every step you take, every jump you make and every enemy you defeat are expressed in ways never felt before thanks to new, cutting-edge vibration technology.
– Explore – Take time to enjoy the many hidden references to PlayStation console history and collect timeless artifacts to display in your beloved PlayStation Labo!
– Enjoyable for All – With non-stop magic, endearing characters and plenty of humor, this is the perfect game for families to enjoy.

PlayStation 5 Features

– Haptic Feedback – Designed for users to “Feel the World” through immersive haptic feedback. Fast loading: Experience super fast-loading in Astro’s Playroom.
– Adaptive Triggers – Use brand new power-ups that show the potential of adaptive triggers working together with motion sensors and the touchpad to deliver a totally new gameplay experience.
– Tempest 3D AudioTech – Hear the world of Astro’s Playroom come to life with 3D Audio.”

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