Project Wingman: Luftkampf-Actionspiel mit VR-Unterstützung startet Anfang Dezember

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown bekommt Konkurrenz: Auch das kommende Luftkampf-Actionspiel Project Wingman lässt sich in VR spielen, laut Steam mit Rift-, Vive- und Index-Headsets. Klassische Monitor-Unterstützung ist ebenfalls dabei. Der Titel von Sector D2 und Publisher Humble Games ist ab dem 2. Dezember im Humble-Store und bei Steam erhältlich. Es sollen sowohl Neulinge als auch Spieler von Simulationen angesprochen werden.

Pure Combat Flight Action
Exotic weaponries such as railguns and geothermal-powered armaments will be ready to pluck you out of the sky if you’re careless. Whether you are an attack aircraft pilot, skimming the ground with a gatling gun and rocket launchers attached to your wing, or an interceptor with long range, almost sniper-like missiles at your disposal, it will be up to you to prove yourself as an Ace pilot.

Conquest Mode
In Conquest Mode, fight in an uphill battle against various bosses and ace squadrons in a territory capture game, drawing elements from roguelikes and RPGs. Players will have to earn enough money to not only upgrade their own plane, but build a mercenary army of their own in order to take on waves of increasingly difficult opposition as they struggle to take on a myriad of changing missions.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality headsets will work in-game to put the player in the cockpit of aerial warfare, immersing themselves in head-swiveling combat. Combine this with full compatibility with HOTAS peripherals and custom axis curves, and you will be able to experience the game however you want, using any DirectInput supported peripheral you like.”

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