Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight Event – How To Earn Every Free Reward

Diablo 4’s first vacation occasion, Midwinter Blight, is right here. This new occasion is a winter celebration going down within the Fractured Peaks area. Throughout the occasion, which is on the market on any world tier however is simply accessible for seasonal characters, new blighted enemies will roam the world. Taking down these enemies will allow you to unlock new restricted rewards, together with cosmetics and a legendary side. The Midwinter Blight runs from December 12 to January 2, 2024. Here is the whole lot you have to know in regards to the Midwinter Blight and what you may earn.

How the Midwinter Blight works

The Midwinter Blight takes place completely within the Fractured Peaks area of Diablo 4, with the energetic space marked with purple on the map. Throughout the occasion particular blight enemies seem within the areas, together with particular occasions. The occasions aren’t marked on the map, so you have to to discover and discover them.

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There are three enemies that drop particular sources, which could be exchanged for Midwinter Proof, the forex used to purchase objects on the occasion store. There are Blightfiends, which drop Blighted Fragments, Frigid Husks, which drop Misplaced Heirlooms, and the Crimson-Cloaked Horror, which drops the Crimson-Cloaked Trophy. These could be exchanged in Kyovashad.

The alternate charges are:

  • 300 Blighted Fragments to 1 Midwinter Proof
  • 30 Misplaced Heirlooms to 1 Midwinter Proof
  • 1 Crimson-Cloaked Trophy to 1 Midwinter Proof

Along with utilizing Midwinter Proof to buy rewards, there’s additionally a Midwinter Tribute Tier system, which progresses everytime you alternate for Midwinter Proof. There are three tiers price of rewards.

Midwinter Tribute Tier rewards:

  • Tier 1: 10,000 Gold, Larger Midwinter Spoils Cache (accommodates Armor, Gem Fragments, and Gileon’s Brew)
  • Tier 2: 25,000 Gold, Larger Midwinter Spoils Cache
  • Tier 3: 50,000 Gold, Larger Midwinter Spoils Cache, Midwinter Ward

The Midwinter Ward is a particular totem that will get positioned in Kyovashad that gives a six-minute buff that offers 20% further injury to occasion enemies. Reaching Tier 3 additionally provides Midwinter Blight caches to Nightmare Dungeons, permitting you to earn Midwinter Proof sooner.

Midwinter Blight Rewards

The Midwinter Blight vendor has a number of limited-time cosmetics available.
The Midwinter Blight vendor has a lot of limited-time cosmetics accessible.

Upon getting collected a bunch of Midwinter Proofs, you need to use them to buy objects from the occasion vendor, who’s situated in Kyovashad. There are a bunch of restricted beauty objects that you just solely must buy as soon as, together with sources you should buy a number of instances.

All Midwinter Blight store objects:

  • Periapt of the Lengthy Night time Moon beauty again trophy (Barbarian) – 50 Midwinter Proof
  • Zemi of the Lengthy Night time Moon beauty again trophy (Druid) – 50 Midwinter Proof
  • Veil of the Lengthy Night time Moon beauty again trophy (Necromancer) – 50 Midwinter Proof
  • Masque of the Lengthy Night time Moon beauty again trophy (Rogue) – 50 Midwinter Proof
  • Domino of the Lengthy Night time Moon beauty again trophy (Sorcerer) – 50 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Blight Mount Trophy – 30 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Tomahawk (Beauty Axe) – 20 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Dirk (Beauty Dagger) – 20 Midwinter Proof
  • Capric Fetish (Beauty Totem) – 20 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Beacon (Beauty Focus) – 20 Midwinter Proof
  • Aegis of Thorri (Beauty Protect) – 20 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Talwaar (Beauty Sword) – 20 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Catapult (Beauty Crossbow) – 20 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Employees (Beauty Employees) – 20 Midwinter Proof
  • Shard of Daybreak Offensive Facet – 10 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Spoils – 8 Midwinter Proof
  • Gileon’s Brew – 1 Midwinter Proof
  • Midwinter Purse – 1 Midwinter Proof

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