Here’s The Full Magic: The Gathering Fallout Mutant Menace Commander Deck List

Magic: The Gathering’s subsequent main collaboration is arising quickly, because the Fallout preconstructed Commander decks are scheduled to launch on March 8. With MagicCon Chicago kicking off this weekend, we take a look on the full 100-card checklist for the Mutant Menace deck, which incorporates unique seems to be at 4 of the playing cards inside.

Mutant Menace is a Sultai-colored deck (black, blue, and inexperienced) that highlights a number of the malevolent mutations that populate the Fallout franchise. The deck focuses on two fundamental mechanics:

  • Radiation (Rad) counters
    • These are particular counters which gamers can accrue all through a recreation. After a participant attracts a card for his or her flip, they need to „mill“–or discard one card from the highest of their deck–for every rad counter they’ve accrued. If a land is discarded, nothing occurs, but when something apart from a land is discarded, the participant loses one life level, but additionally will get to take away one rad counter.
    • Instance: A participant has three rad counters, proceeds to discard the highest three playing cards of their deck, and see one land and two non-land playing cards. The participant will take 2 injury, and their variety of rad counters will lower from three to at least one.
  • Proliferate
    • At any time when a card is performed with the „proliferate“ key phrase, the controlling participant provides one counter of each kind they management.
    • Instance: If a participant performs a card with proliferate in opposition to two gamers with rad counters, every participant provides a rad counter.

Be a part of! Die! Be a part of! Die!

Each preconstructed Commander deck comes with one legendary creature designated because the „commander“–the de facto „chief“ of the deck–as nicely as a second legendary creature which acts as an alternate commander if the participant so chooses. Designated commanders occupy a selected zone on the board, and they are often forged at any time.

For Mutant Menace, the „face“ commander–or the creature that seems on the box–is The Sensible Mothman, however the alternate commander for the Mutant Menace deck–and our first unique reveal–is The Grasp, Transcendent:

No Caption Provided


  • The Grasp, Transcendent (Legendary Artifact Creature – Mutant)
    • Prices 1 generic, 1 black, 1 inexperienced, and 1 blue mana to forged
    • 2 energy/4 toughness
    • Skill 1: At any time when The Grasp, Transcendent enters the battlefield, goal participant will get two rad counters.
    • Skill 2: Faucet (flip sideways) The Grasp, Transcendent to place any creature card that was milled this flip onto the battlefield beneath your management. It is a inexperienced Mutant with base energy and toughness 3/3. (It loses its different colours and creature varieties.)

The Grasp, Transcendent takes benefit of rad counters in a very completely different method from The Sensible Mothman, as it may take management of any creature both you or an opponent mills as a result of radiation, which means you would not solely pressure an opponent to discard certainly one of their largest threats, however you’ll be able to then flip round and assume management of it.

One with nature

Exterior of the 2 potential commanders, there are 27 creatures within the deck, with 24 of them being unique card designs for the Fallout set. We now have unique seems to be at two of these unique creatures, beginning with Harold and Bob, First Numens:

No Caption Provided


  • Harold and Bob, First Numens (Legendary Creature – Treefolk Mutant)
    • Prices 2 generic and 1 inexperienced mana to forged
    • 3 energy/3 toughness
    • Vigilance (doesn’t faucet when attacking), attain (can block creatures with flying)
    • Skill 1: When Harold and Bob, First Numens dies, if it was a creature, return it to the battlefield. It is an Aura enchantment with „Enchant Forest you management“ and „Enchanted Forest has ‚Faucet so as to add three mana of anybody colour. You get two rad counters.'“ Harold and Bob loses all different talents.

The enduring tree/man hybrid makes his Magic: The Gathering debut, and whereas a 3/3 for 3 mana is not nice, the vigilance and attain key phrases give it a bit extra worth. Then once more, sending Harold and Bob out to die may add extra worth in the long term, and the cardboard can then make any certainly one of your Forests produce triple the mana at the price of two rad counters. In case your commander is in play, these rad counters are simply one other perk.

Tremendous preventing mutant, Megasloth

Our different unique creature reveal is Lumbering Megasloth:

No Caption Provided
  • Lumbering Megasloth (Creature – Sloth Mutant)
    • Prices 10 generic and a pair of inexperienced mana to forged
    • 8 energy/8 toughness
    • Trample (if this creature is blocked, any extra injury will proceed to the blocking creature’s controller)
    • This creature prices 1 generic mana much less for every counter amongst gamers and permanents.
    • Lumbering Megasloth enters the battlefield tapped.

It is a huge creature with what seems to be like a really costly entry charge, however consider it like this: If you happen to and your three opponents have two rad counters every, and two of your creatures have +1/+1 counters from The Sensible Mothman, you then solely want two inexperienced mana to summon this behemoth.

Some may additionally scoff at the truth that Lumbering Megasloth enters the battlefield tapped, however that is smart too. Mutant or not, it is nonetheless a sloth; it being sluggish to behave is on-brand.

Vault-Tec welcomes you!

Most enchantments provide a everlasting increase to your board as quickly as they’re forged, however others–like the Saga subtype–offer scaling buffs earlier than being destroyed. Sagas enter the battlefield with a lore counter on them, and the impact at the first step instantly takes impact. Every following step takes impact through the controlling participant’s subsequent turns, as they add a lore counter after drawing a card for flip, and the following impact instantly triggers.

The Vaults of Fallout lore are represented as Sagas in MTG, and our subsequent unique reveal is a superb instance. This is Vault 12: The Necropolis:

No Caption Provided
  • Vault 12: The Necropolis (Enchantment – Saga)
    • Prices 4 generic and a pair of black mana to forged
    • First impact: Every participant will get three rad counters.
    • Second impact: Create X 2/2 black Zombie Mutant creature tokens, the place X is the overall variety of rad counters amongst gamers.
    • Third impact: Put two +1/+1 counters on every creature you management that is a Zombie or Mutant.

This card can put everybody else on the desk on a three-turn clock, particularly within the later levels of the sport. Think about every participant with 5 rad counters when the second impact triggers, and also you instantly get 20 2/2 Zombie Mutants. Subsequent flip, all of them develop into 4/4 Zombie Mutants. That alone might be sufficient to overwhelm a desk.

The complete deck checklist

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Lastly, right here is the complete Mutant Menace decklist, separated by card kind. Photographs for every card could be discovered on the official MTG website’s card library, or through the list of sites previewing cards from the set.


  • Agent Frank Horrigan
  • Alpha Deathclaw
  • Bloatfly Swarm
  • Cathedral Acolyte
  • Corpsejack Menace
  • Feral Ghoul
  • Glowing One
  • Hancock, Ghoulish Mayor
  • Harold and Bob, First Numens
  • Infesting Radroach
  • Jason Vivid, Glowing Prophet
  • Lily Bowen, Raging Grandma
  • Lumbering Megasloth
  • Marcus, Mutant Mayor
  • The Grasp, Transcendent
  • Mirelurk Queen
  • Nightkin Ambusher
  • Piper Wright, Publick Reporter
  • Rampaging Yao Guai
  • Raul, Hassle Shooter
  • Screeching Scorchbeast
  • Robust, The Brutish Thespian
  • Tato Farmer
  • Tireless Tracker
  • Vexing Radgull
  • Watchful Radstag
  • Winding Constrictor
  • The Sensible Mothman
  • Younger Deathclaws


  • Branching Evolution
  • Fraying Sanity
  • Guardian Mission
  • Hardened Scales
  • Inexorable Tide
  • Wrestle for Mission Purity
  • Vault 12: The Necropolis
  • Vault 87: Compelled Evolution


  • Atomize
  • Biomass Mutation
  • Inspiring Name
  • Mutational Benefit
  • Putrefy
  • Radstorm


  • Casualties of Battle
  • Domesticate
  • Farseek
  • Harmonize
  • Nuclear Fallout
  • Rampant Progress


  • Arcane Signet
  • Contagion Clasp
  • Contaminated Drink
  • Nuka-Nuke Launcher
  • Energy Fist
  • Recon Craft Theta
  • Sol Ring
  • Energy Bobblehead
  • Talisman of Curiosity
  • Talisman of Dominance
  • Talisman of Resilience


  • Ash Barrens
  • Command Tower
  • Darkwater Catacombs
  • Drowned Catacomb
  • Evolving Wilds
  • Unique Orchard
  • Fetid Swimming pools
  • Forest (x5)
  • Island (x5)
  • Hinterland Harbor
  • Mariposa Army Base
  • Mortuary Mire
  • Nesting Grounds
  • Opulent Palace
  • Overflowing Basin
  • Path of Ancestry
  • Sunken Hole
  • Swamp (x5)
  • Tainted Isle
  • Tainted Wooden
  • Temple of Deceit
  • Temple of the False God
  • Temple of Illness
  • Temple of Thriller
  • Terramorphic Expanse
  • Viridescent Lavatory
  • Woodland Cemetery

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